What does LCD stand for?

LCD is an acronym for "Liquid Crystal Display"

What if there is no ″Add to Cart″ Button next to the item I want to purchase?

If there is no "Add to Cart" Button next to the monitor currently that monitor is not for sale. If the Availability for the item says "PART IS OBSOLETE, NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION" We are no longer selling this part and you will need to purchase the replacement, if available.

How soon will my order ship?

Current or next business day if product is in stock.

Can I pick up my order?

Please enter shipping address as 16W281 S. Frontage Road, Burr Ridge, IL 60527 and state in the notes when you would like to pick it up. We will then email or call you when the order is ready for pickup, and there will not be any shipping or handling charge.

Is there a distributor or service center in my area?

Please click on the “Global Distributors & Service Centers” link to get a current listing of our global distributors and service centers.

Will I receive a tracking number and shipping cost when my order ships?

Currently, we are working on automating this feature. For the time being please indicate, in the Special Instructions of your order, that you would like to receive a tracking number and shipping cost. It will be sent to you when the item is shipped.

What do I do if my item does not work or if is damaged, who do I contact?

If you received a defective or damage product you need to contact the service department to obtain a return authorization number (RMA). Service Department 1-800-336-6630.

What if I need a special set-up for my monitor?

Please go to the Special Set-up menu under Parts & Accessories menu and click add to cart to the special set-up you would like. If the special set-up is not in that menu, please add in the Special Instructions section of your order that you would like a special set-up and a sales representative will call you with the cost and time it will take to complete.

What is the difference between EGA,CGA and VGA?

CGA Standard resolution 15.7KHZ Horizontal rate (like a TV) EGA Medium resolution 25KHZ Horizontal rate VGA 31.5KHZ Horizontal rate (like a desk top monitor in 640x480 mode). SVGA 35KHZ Horizontal rate and higher (800 x 600 mode).

Where can I find the Warranty Information?
How can I choose a specific shipping carrier and shipping options? For Example: UPS RED

Please indicate your shipping options in the Special Instructions of your website order. The sales person will add that to your order to alert the shipping department of your request.


This statement is ususally added to items with 10 or less available. After the remaining items have been purchased there will not be any available.