Service Update - LCD Monitors

Due to the ever changing availability of LCD panels and technology changes it has become necessary to use alternate assembly numbers. The photo below is an example of the labels found on the back of all Wells Gardner LCD monitors. Using these labels will help to expedite an order when calling the Wells Gardner Customer Service Department for parts or warranty questions.

When calling into the Wells Gardner Service Department the label numbers to have available for your call are the Serial NumberUnit Model Number, and the Alternate LCD Assembly Part Number if it is present.

The Serial Number is used to find out if the monitor is in or out of warranty and like the Unit Model Number can be used to identify that particular LCD monitor.

The Alternate LCD Assembly Part Number label (which will start with “036A”) will be found on at least some units of a particular Unit Model Number and the same Alternate LCD Assembly Part Number
could be on many different models. With the ever changing technology and availability of LCD panels, this label and number system becomes necessary to customer service to identify the correct parts when orders come in.

Example of Labels on an LCD Monitor

Service Update LCD Label